Collection: The Canadian Birch Company

Crafting pure birch syrup from organic birch sap so delicious we spun it into an award-winning gourmet collection. Gluten friendly, vegan & Canadian. Birch Syrup makes simple food outstanding!

It takes a lot of hard work to harvest sap across 160 forested acres, craft it all into syrup, process it into a delicious line of gourmet products, package it, bring it to market, and build relationships with commercial customers ranging from local Sobeys and Safeway to small gift shops and local museums, not to mention haul it all to handmade markets and craft shows across the country 6 months of the year. Scratch that! It takes a lot of hard work, tenacity, perseverance, determination and downright faith to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves and their business. While this is not unlike the challenges many entrepreneurs face, Glenda and Rory Hart have endured longer than many in an agricultural industry where mother nature has as much influence over their success as the customer.

Through it all, they have not let hardship or success change who they are. They remain the same happy- go-lucky couple who don't take life too seriously, but who have always had high standards for their products and themselves in terms of how they conduct business. Their initial mission of producing high quality, premium birch food products, while observing sustainable forestry practices, has never waned.

Their philosophy is simple. Use quality ingredients, don't cut corners with cheap alternatives, preservatives or flavor enhancers. They use real butter, real bacon, in their gourmet line and use only the best state of the art Birch Syrup manufacturing methods. This approach has afforded them the opportunity to proudly stand by their premium syrup which is the basis of their entire business. Perhaps it is their pragmatic nature that enables them to rise above the challenges, but it is definitely their commitment to quality and responsible practices, that places them in a unique position of being an excellent crafter, business partner and supplier. This genuine and down to earth couple know that if they can help their customers succeed, their own success will naturally follow.

The Canadian Birch Company