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We offer a large selection of gourmet foods from local, Canadian, and other providers to help you create a unique dining experience. Our top brands include Wildly Delicious, Ma's Kitchen, Mackay's Jams, Gourmet Du Village, Taylor Teas, Rogers Chocolates, Sea Change Foods and Stonewall Kitchen.

Dinner Party Delights

Looking for the star of your next dinner party? Try pairing Castello Brie Cheese with a Gourmet du Village Apple Pecan Brie Topper for a major upgrade to your cheese platter. Or put together a box of Foccaccia Crisps and a jar of Zoë Marinated Cherry Tomatoes or Sable & Rosenfeld Blue Cheese Tipsy Olives for an Italian-themed charcuterie board. Mix and match our favourite Zoë products, like Tuscan Herb Infused Olive Oil and Honey Infused White Balsamic to make a wonderful and unique bread dipper. Finally, make it a classy affair with a glass of non-alcoholic Bubbly Blonde Sparkling Cider garnished with an Edible Hibiscus Flower!

In the Kitchen

If you're looking for something to spice up your next meal, choose from our wonderful selection of gourmet sauces. Each one makes cooking a delicious meal quick and easy. Try Wildly Delicous' Butter Chicken Sauce or Souvlaki Marinade. Or if you need a condiment to complement your meal, try Stonewall's famous Country Ketchup. And don't forget to top your dish off with some Black Hawaiian Finishing Salt!

Sweets & Treats

We have a great selection gourmet sweets & treats for any occasion. Rogers Chocolates' Victoria Creams or Sea Salt Caramels make a great gift for someone with a sweet tooth. Or for a salty snack, try Orange Crate's Chippy Nuts!



Gourmet Foods