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Black Forest Cherry Brandy Stollen Box

Black Forest Cherry Brandy Stollen Box

Kuchenmeister’s ready made cakes are a delight for the afternoon or as after-dinner dessert. Made with the finest ingredients and over 100 years of baking experience, this black forest cake is destined to please your palate. 


Ingredients: Stollen with 11% Luxury Marzipan Filling, Candied Cherries (10%), Marzipan (5%) and Black Forest Cherry Brandy (2.5%) (50% Vol) in the Dough. Wheat Flour, Raisins, Luxury Marzipan Filling [Sugar, Almonds, Sorbitol (Humectant), Glucose, Fructose], Candied Cherries (Cherries, Glucose, Fructose, Sugar, Juice Concentrates (Carrot, Elderberry, Apple, Cherry, Radish, Sweet Potato), Palm Fat, Marzipan (Sugar, Almonds), Almonds, Candied Orange and Lemon Peels (Glucose, Orange Peels, Lemon Peels, Fructose, Sugar) Cherry Brandy, Canola Oil, Sugar, Sorbitol (Humectant), Glucose, Fructose, Wheat Starch, Yeast, Emulsifiers (Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Sodium Stearoyl-2-Lactylate), Salt, Natural Flavor, Fully Hydrogenated Palm Fat.

Product of Germany

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