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Adjustable Canvas Belt for Men

Adjustable Canvas Belt for Men

These customizable belts offer style and comfort. The belts have a 1/4" adjustment and the ability to size it yourself. Perfect as a gift the belts are extremely well made and adjust using a ratchet system as opposed to the traditional hole and pin adjustment. The ratchet system allows you to easily tighten and loosen the belt in quarter-inch increments, giving you the perfect fit every time! 

Specifications: 50 inch length, approx. 1 1/2 wide

The moment you try the ratchet belt, you will be amazed  at its looks and how practical it really is.

* No holes to wear out  

* Adjustments are simple and close together 

* Easy release latch  

* High Quality mechanism 

* Extremely Durable 

* One size fits all

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