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Wild Hibiscus

Edible Hibiscus Flowers

Edible Hibiscus Flowers

Please note the best before date on this batch is April 2022.  The flowers in syrup were lab tested and were still good to eat after 7 years from Production Date.  Currently, manufacturer just puts 3 years as a best before date."


Great for the Entertainer One of the most unique and special food products on the market. Beautiful, delicious and versatile edible hibiscus flowers. You will love the vibrant crimson color and mixed-berry type flavor. Perfect for your next dinner party or special occasion (or just as an excuse to crack open the bubbly!). Adds a touch of class to many food dishes, mocktails and other beverages. With a long shelf life, keep a jar handy in your pantry. Specifications: 200ml Jar (11 flowers per jar)

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