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Christine Ng -Nickerson wasn't always a jewellery designer by trade.  Before she embarked upon the career that would become a calling, she graduated from the University of Ottawa with degrees in biochemistry and chemical engineering.  Although she was quite successful in her field, Christine found that she just couldn't shake the urge to create beaded baubles during her downtime.  After all, she'd found fun and solace in the arts and crafts since she was a child.

This creative urge prompted her to leave the world of engineering and establish Howling Dog Jewellery.  Today, after 20 years, Howling Dog Jewellery is sold in various boutiques across the country and displayed in fine museums.

A self taught jewellery designer, Christine strives to create pieces that embody artisanal craftsmanship. and graceful simplicity, drawing her inspiration from the beauty of nature and from current fashion trends.  Her pieces combine sterling silver, silver filled, 24K gold vermeil, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and genuine freshwater pearls into classic pieces.  

Two seasonal collections are introduced each year so one can rest assured that the Howling Dog piece one owns is a unique treasure.

Christine lives and works in Richmond, BC, where the natural beauty of the Northwest Coast never ceases to inspire her.
Howling Dog Artisan Jewellery

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