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From the creator:

As a young child, creating things in wood was my thing. I loved wood shop class at school and the scrap pile from my father’s construction business was my treasure trove. From tree forts to bookshelves to wood puzzles, I built what I could from whatever I could find.

A busy career in aviation engineering and seven beautiful children took precedence and woodworking took a hiatus for a couple decades.

As my kids grew up, my father encouraged me to ‘build a little shop in the basement for the boys’. He saw they needed something to do with their hands beyond the screen. I treasured the opportunity to show them a few things; many of our conversations began with ‘when I was your age….’.

Then that Covid thing happened…. The lathe bought ‘for the boys’ became my escape and stress reliever.

And so here we are…

I hope I can make something that you & yours can experience the same appreciation for the shape, colour and patterns which have emerged from each rough log as it spins on the lathe.

Philip Lee

Kars, ON