Valentine's Jewellery For Him & Her

Valentine's Jewellery For Him & Her

This Valentine's Day, say what can’t be said with words with a timeless gift of jewellery. More than mere accessories, each carefully chosen piece becomes a tangible symbol of affection and commitment when you take the time to choose it for your loved one. Jewellery, be it a pendant, set of earrings, bracelet, or ring, encapsulates the essence of connection. We hope you find inspiration in this gift guide, collecting some of our favourite lines of jewellery for both men and women.

Katye Landry Gold Mini Heart Stud Earrings

Katye Landry: Elevate her style with exquisite jewellery from Katye Landry, where sophistication meets modern design. Their line of handcrafted, minimalist sterling silver jewellery is versatile and suited for all occasions here.

* Pictured: Gold Mini Heart Stud Earrings

Elizabeth Burry Strawberry Quartz Joyce Necklace

Elizabeth Burry Designs: These hand-crafted sterling silver necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are designed and made in Newfoundland. Made with semi-precious stones, pearls, sea glass and recycled silver, these pieces are beautiful, sustainable and versatile.

* Pictured: Strawberry Quartz Joyce Necklace

Larus Shimmering Stone Heart Pendant

Larus: Based in Montreal, Larus produces high-quality silver and rose gold jewellery in both trending and classic designs. Their line of marcasite jewellery takes inspiration from Victorian designs. Their new Shimmering Stone Collection is manufactured using a revolutionary jewellery technique invented in Japan.  A special setting creates a rapid rocking motion of the main stone triggered by movement, allowing a shimmering effect that dazzles all admirers.

* Pictured: Shimmering Stone Heart Pendant

Virtue Meditation Ring

Meditation Rings: Based in Toronto, Meditation Rings is the original spinning ring. Inspired by ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheels, the spinning motion helps one channel anxious energy into spinning the bands and clears the mind by focusing on the flows and spins of the Meditation Ring.

* Pictured: Virtue Meditation Ring

Pyrrha You Live in My Heart Necklace

Pyrrha: What you wear is an expression of who you are, and each piece of Pyrrha Jewellery tells a story about its wearer. Made in Canada and beautifully handcrafted using sustainable materials, each piece has a message and a deep and personal meaning. These pieces make great gifts for moms who value quality and individuality, and who appreciate the importance of ethical and sustainable production.

* Pictured: You Live in My Heart Necklace

Blue Star Designs Tiger’s Eye Beaded Bracelet

Blue Star Designs: Based in Ottawa, Blue Star Designs produces meaningful pieces made with gemstones and laser-engraved stainless steel. Their beaded bracelets made with semi-precious stones come with a card describing the stone’s unique benefit to your mental wellbeing. Sustainability is one of their core values, as their stainless steel pieces are tarnish-free and durable, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly.

* Pictured: Tiger’s Eye Beaded Bracelet

A.R.Z. Steel 6mm Matte Black Faceted Ring

A.R.Z. Steel: A.R.Z. Steel is a Montreal-based company that makes leather and stainless steel jewellery for men. Montreal brothers, Isik and Yves Shlomo, envisioned an exceptional quality range that would stand as a celebration of their Lebanese descent while providing a new take on classic jewellery silhouettes - both refined and edgy, elegant and bold. The result is a line of statement jewellery that is easy to wear with a price point that is affordable.

* Pictured: 6mm Matte Black Faceted Ring

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