Valentine's Home Spa Gifts

Valentine's Home Spa Gifts

Celebrate love this Valentine's Day with thoughtful Body & Spa gifts from Lasting Impressions. These pampering treats express affection through the gift of self-care, providing a luxurious touch and aromatic allure. The gloves, socks, bath bombs, and more signify a commitment to well-being and tranquility, making them the perfect tokens of love. Valentine's Day is about nurturing the bond you share, and these gifts offer a retreat into comfort and serenity.

Moisturizing Gel Gloves & Aloe Vera-Infused Socks

Moisturizing Gel Gloves & Aloe Vera-Infused Socks:  Embrace the ultimate pampering experience with the combo of Ultimate Moisturizing Gel Gloves and Aloe Vera-Infused Socks. Soothe and comfort tired feet with the plush, aloe vera-infused socks, offering a luxurious feel and a relaxing scent—ideal for unwinding after a hectic day. For a complete indulgence, the Ultimate Moisturizing Gel Gloves provide intense hydration to your hands. Both items are not only washable but also reusable and hypoallergenic, making them the perfect self-care duo for a well-deserved escape into tranquility. Keep your hands and feet feeling lush and soft with this pair of relaxing garments. 

Sparkling CHampagne Duo Gift Set

Perth Soap Gift Set: Experience spa-like luxury with The Perth Soap Co.'s body lotion and liquid soap infused with argan oil. The effervescent champagne fragrance, enriched with mandarin, grapefruit, and vanilla, ensures instant hydration and lasting indulgence. Gentle, pH-balanced, and cruelty-free, this set embodies the epitome of luxury.

Warm Buddy Sports Wrap for Aches

Warm Buddy: Relieve aches, pains, and stress with Warm Buddy Heat Therapy products. Combining moist heat, aromatherapy, and acupressure, these products feature an anti-stress blend of lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, cloves, and rosemary. Ideal for home and office use, they bring the soothing spa experience to you.

* Pictured: Warm Buddy Sports Wrap for Aches

Deluxe Bath Shop Mini Bath Bombs in a bag

Bath Bombs: Enhance your bath time with handmade Bath Bomb Minis. Watch them bubble and fizz as they touch the water, providing a unique and delightful experience. Each bag is a surprise of colors and scents, making it a perfect gift for a personalized spa-like escape.

Les Savons de Marseille White Tea Soap

Lothantique Soap: Experience the moisturizing richness of Lothantique French milled Marseille soap. Blended with olive oil from High Provence and Shea Butter, this soap cleanses gently, leaving every skin type delicately perfumed. Perfect for a luxurious and pampering touch to your daily routine.

* Pictured: Les Savons de Marseille White Tea Soap

Explore Lasting Impressions' diverse Body & Spa products for a curated experience. This Valentine's Day, choose a gesture that speaks to well-being and relaxation, providing enduring moments of tranquility. Your loved one deserves a gift that goes beyond tradition—an intimate reminder of your care and consideration.

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